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Conveyancing services available to:-

Property buyers including Right to Buy clients
Property sellers
First time buyers
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For an immediate quote call our Freephone: 0800 783 5353


We aim to provide you with an efficient service and to give value for money. We only act in your interest.

More particularly we aim to:-
Answer letters promptly
Return phone calls promptly
Keep you informed about the progress of your sale and/or purchase.

Buying your home is likely to be your largest single investment. In principle, it is more complicated and important than buying most other assets such as cars and this is why it is so essential to have competent professional advice and assistance. The transaction itself must be correctly and efficiently dealt with.
You will need to consider, for instance, the best way of arranging your mortgages and whether the property should be in joint names. If you are buying and selling properties, these need to be synchronised to fit in with other people who may be involved in a chain of transactions.
In the longer term, you need to be assured that your home is secure. So much is at stake in terms of both money and your family's happiness. The last thing you would want, for example, is to find that your home is threatened by a planning problem or that a neighbour has an unexpected right of way through your property.
As part of our service we provide a booklet to prospective clients, which describes and explains briefly the key steps involved in buying your home.
Moving direct provides a dynamic Conveyancing Service to help you speed your move, minimising delay and anxiety.
Our service offers:
  • Trained conveyancers. Our firm specialises in your home move and our service is operated by those who are trained and experienced and backed with solicitor expertise.
  • Guaranteed low conveyancing fees. Fixed at the outset. Payable only on the successful conclusion of the transaction.
  • Office opens seven days a week - Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm, Saturday 9.00am to 2pm and Sunday 7pm to 9pm.
  • Personal line number to each fee earner will speed your access to find out the position in respect of your move.
  • A weekly progress update.
  • Freephone quote line available from 9am to 9pm on Monday to Friday and 9am to 2pm on Saturday and 7pm to 9pm on Sunday.
  • Payment of fees by credit card if you so choose
We will retain the file of papers without charge after the file has been closed for 6 years. We then destroy them confidentially.
You will be given a consistent contact with the firm. We work in teams so your contact may not do all your work, but will be available to deal with any problems or queries you have and to see they are dealt with effectively.
If you want to move home then contact Moving Direct first.
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