The following WILL types and their prices represent our commitment to being competitive in the provision of Legal Services.

The prices shown below are all inclusive of VAT.

Single Will

This WILL is for a single individual and lists your instructions telling your Executors what to do with your property when you die.



Mirror Will

This cover the requirement where you and your partner wish for all items to go to each other. Two WILLS will then be drafted up.



Living Wills

A Living WILL is a set of instructions prepared in advance to the medical practioner who is involved in looking after you in the future. Instructions in a living WILL can be the desire not to artificially prolong your life when suffering from a terminal illness.



Enduring Powers of Attorney

This is a deed which enables a person appointed by you to look after all of your business affairs. People need such a deed if they intend to go somewhere for a long period of time and cannot look after their own affairs. The power awarded to the Attorney can be restricted and revoked at anytime.



Severance of Joint Tenancy

If the property is held as a joint tenancyand you wish to make a gift in a WILL of your share in the property, then you need to sever the joint tenancy. This can be achieved by giving a written notice to the other 'joint tenant'. After the notice is served on each joint tenant, it should then be placed with the deeds of the property.


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