Everyone likes to think that when they die the people they leave behind will be well provided for and will have no worries about their future.  A WILL is a very useful document to put your affairs in order.  By making a WILL you can:-

Appoint Guardians for your children;

This is an opportunity to say who you would like to look after your children.

Avoid the intestacy rules;

That is, decide exactly who your property is to go to rather than it all going to your next of kin.

Making useful tax planning provisions;

So your beneficiaries will not end up spending their inheritance on death duties.

Appoint people of your choice to act as your executors;

Rather than rely on your family who might not always be the most suitable people to do the job.

Give specific instructions as to any particular burial or funeral wishes you may have.


A WILL is often comforting to your family and friends after your death as it is heartening to think that you were thinking of them when you made it. 

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