How to install
Installing this mailList System is very easy. What you need to know is how to use phpmyadmin. First of all, open up your config.php under inc folder. Provides all connection details and your installation URL.
  • $db -> insert your database name
  • $username -> Your username to your DB
  • $pass -> DB password
  • $homePageUrl -> URL to your homepage. EX: your homepage is, then you have to type
  • $installationUrl -> Full path to this application installation! EX: if you install it in folder 'mailing' and your homepage is, then you have to type without tralling slashes behind ->

After you had set up your config file, open up your phpmyadmin and then upload the sql text to your DB. Thats it, pretty simple I guess!
If you need any help in installation, feel free to contact me at
Dont spam me PLZ ;)

Almost forgot, your default admin username and password is 'admin'

This can be changed from your admin panel