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Tips on Buying

To ensure these tasks are not overlooked take a moment to read through our conveyancing checklist.

Naturally the first part of a house purchase procedure is to find and negotiate with interested parties. Agreeing to a purchase means you have agreed a fixed price for the property, setting the wheels in motion for finalising the particulars of the purchase. By this stage you should have already selected a mortgage company should you require a mortgage to complete the purchase.

Select a conveyancer / solicitors firm that you are confident and happy with and one that you have researched reviews for.

Ensure that you have been provided with a full and detailed quote and that you are happy with terms and conditions of the firm you have selected.

Once the above steps have completed your transaction should take the following path.
  1. Client will need to return Client Information Form, Certified Identification, Funds Confirmation Form, Terms of business and the agreement letter to confirm instructions to the Solicitor.
  2. Sales memorandum from the estate agents will be received. Your solicitor will write to the Sellers Solicitor requesting draft contracts.
  3. Draft Contracts received from the Sellers Solicitor.
  4. Searches submitted/enquiries raised with the Sellers Solicitor/approve the contract.
  5. Purchasers Solicitor will send a draft Transfer Deed for approval to the Sellers Solicitor.
  6. Once the searches have been returned, mortgage offer (if applicable) been received, replies to enquiries received from the Sellers Solicitor and all is satisfactory the Purchasers Solicitor will report to the client with the Contract for signing and request 10% deposit.
  7. Once all parties have signed the Contract and the Purchasers Solicitor has the 10% deposit it can then be exchanged and have a completion date set.