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Tips on Selling

Selling your property can be an extremely stressful time in your life. Nevertheless, if you read through our conveyancing checklist for selling a property below you can ensure the conveyancing process runs as smoothly as possible.

Agreeing to a sale

Naturally the first part of a house sale procedure is to find and negotiate with interested parties. Agreeing to a sale means you have agreed a fixed price for the property, setting the wheels in motion for finalising the particulars of the sale.
  1. Client returns initial forms and protocol forms.
  2. Sales memorandum will be received from the Estate Agents confirming who the Buyers Solicitor is.
  3. Sellers Solicitor will send draft contract documentation to the Buyers Solicitor.
  4. Sellers Solicitor will request the initial redemption figure (if applicable).
  5. The Buyers Solicitor needs to approve the contract and send enquiries which will then in turn be sent to the client for answering before being able to reply to the Buyers Solicitor.
  6. Sellers Solicitor then sends the approved Contract and Transfer deed to the client for signing.
  7. Once in receipt of the signed contract we are ready to exchange.